Every Monday, Bayside Bowl will be hosting a non-profit and 5% of the revenue for the whole day will be donated to the non-profit. Additionally, the non-profit will be able table or leave materials for all patrons to see during the day & can use our stage and to make announcements.

Click here for the Application.

Please complete our application with a short summary of your organization's mission, local supporters, current membership, and how you envision using the 5% day donation for your organization. Please include a copy of your 501(c)3 IRS letter, as well as additional support materials about your organization.

Non-profit 5% days must be held on Mondays during business hours. Bayside Bowl will also be open to the public at this time. There is a limit of one 5% day per organization per year.

The great news: every six months, the non-profit that brought in the most income on a 5% day receives a $250 check from Bayside Bowl!! The runner-up non-profit receives a $100 check!

For questions or comments regarding the nonprofit night, please e-mail us at